Episode 160

Taking Back the Barbershops!


January 4th, 2024

1 hr 7 mins 44 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

In this episode of 'Born in Trouble', The range of topics focus on the impact of social media and its power to dictate public conversations. How the internet and society can distort how we communicate and interact with each other. And questioning the increasing focus on relationships in the black community, especially on the internet. Striving for better financial education, exploring how to improve public discourse, and an interesting discussion about celebrity culture. All this is flavored with a good dose of humor and banter.

00:00 Introduction and Episode Start
00:33 Introducing the Hosts
00:43 Discussing Ohio and Bears
02:40 New Year's Eve Experiences
06:55 Debate on Barbershop Conversations
22:44 Discussion on Relationships
25:15 Impact of Social Media on Relationships
31:48 The Power of Negative Comments and Social Media Detox
33:25 The Impact of Social Media on Personal Life
33:54 The Importance of Digital Detox and Real-life Experiences
34:42 The Influence of Social Media on Public Perception
35:41 The Misinterpretation of Online Comments
36:20 The Misconceptions about Race and History
36:45 The Dangers of Racial Stereotypes
38:16 The Influence of Social Media on Racial Stereotypes
38:39 The Misrepresentation of Wealth and Success
39:51 The Impact of Social Media on Critical Thinking
40:53 The Dangers of Black-Only Economic Strategies
45:28 The Challenges of Online Interactions and Miscommunication
47:33 The Importance of Humor in Difficult Conversations
49:52 The Impact of Economic Systems on Society
52:58 The Struggles of Communication in the Digital Age
54:28 The Nostalgia of Old Communication Methods
56:20 The Influence of Popular Culture on Society
59:25 The Importance of Supporting Black Businesses
59:49 The Challenges of Changing Society's Narratives
01:01:52 The Impact of Technology on Personal Relationships
01:03:21 The Influence of Telecommunication on Society